Amir Karimi

Founder of Alofelfel brand

Author of A to Z grocery business training books

He is a graduate of commercial advertising management and is very interested in the production and sale of spices and herbs. He, who has valuable experiences in the production and sale of mixed spices, has shaped his world in his specialized field and therefore established Morwarid shop as a sales center for his products in Qazvin city.

امیر کریمی

Mr. Behradmehr

Franchise owner of Ali Giahi brand

A familiar name in the nut market | Active in the great bazaar of Tehran

Perhaps the only reference to the fame of “Giahi” which is the family name of Mr. Behradmehr’s grandfather can do justice to the expertise and history of this family in the field of selling dried fruits, herbal spirits and spices. As one of the well-known and committed veterans of the market in the mentioned business, he is now on the verge of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the store under his supervision.