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Zarattar Novin Pharmed Iranian

Another field of activity of Zarattar is the design and formulation of medicine and cosmetic products based on medicinal plants. Since the properties of many of these plants have been proven for our body, their production in the form of tablets and capsules, creams and gels, sprays and toners, soaps or pens, etc. is on the agenda of the collection.

Sometimes two plants of the same type have the same name, but they have a great qualitative difference. Considering this matter and also the need to use high-quality raw materials, we decided to grow some aromatic plants from which perfumes are extracted by ourselves. This cultivation and production is based on the experiences of the best native farmers of each region and scientific methods.

Medicinal plant products such as their extracts are useful for our body if they contain a certain amount of one or more substances found in the plant we are looking for (for example, 25-30% linalool in lavender extract). Standardization of these products means paying attention to these numbers and figures during processing and ensuring their presence in the final product!

Attarmarket is the name of the store for the supply of Zarattar`s agricultural products. In addition to introducing products, this online store also contains content that provides you with information about how to use and the properties or harms of some products, diseases, solutions, etc. People who are interested in adopting the privilege of Attarmarket physical branches can read its conditions in the relevant section.

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The standardization of medicinal plant products depends on several factors such as plant type, cultivation and processing conditions, storage conditions, optimal production methods, separation techniques, packaging type, etc., which will influence the biological effectiveness and repeatability of desired results.

According to this matter, Zarattar company, relying on its knowledge, has taken steps to establish quality assurance structures, prepare technical instructions and use well-equipped reference laboratories. The standardization process chain has also been achieved by looking at national, international and pharmacopoeial standards.

Zarattar Novin Pharmed Iranian Company, relying on the technical knowledge of standardization of medicinal plants and their products, considers its mission to be an active and purposeful presence in the production, processing, supply and promotion of the correct culture of consumption of these products in domestic and foreign markets.

The vision of Zarattar Novin Pharmed Iranian is to become a specialized holding company in the field of medicinal plants and to create a sustainable value chain in this industry.

Zarattar Novin Pharmed Iranian Company, by placing the two principles of specialization and meritocracy at the forefront, has considered its organizational values in order to achieve the goals and vision determined based on the following axes: quality orientation, customer orientation, meritocracy and learned organization.

Why should medicinal plants and their products be standardized?

The increasing popularity of medicinal plants in the world and researches based on valid evidence have caused international and national institutions to formulate laws for the modernization and standardization of plants. The use of these rules results in the effectiveness of medicinal plants and their products in various medicinal and food forms. It should be noted that the therapeutic effect of medicinal plant products depends on the appropriate concentration of the active ingredient in it, and the amount of the same depends on various factors during the preparation process of the product. Safety, efficiency, effectiveness, stability of herbal product are the results that can be achieved only in the conditions of standardization.

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