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About us

“Zarattar Novin Pharmed Iranian” company (abbreviated as Zarattar) aims to develop and promote the correct culture of using medicinal plants as well as processing and supplying these products, various extracts with medicinal and food grades, standardized extracts and teas as an innovative start-up. Medicinal plants was established in 1400.

Since creating positive changes in the correct way of consuming medicinal plants and their products by the general public was on the agenda of the farm managers, from the very beginning, they focused on the standardization of production processes, creating added value for customers, innovation in production and supply from the farm. Up to the table and also to achieve sustainable environmental development!

In this regard, research and development, compliance with quality control standards in all stages of production, applying precise quantitative and qualitative controls and developing formulations in the production of products are among our most important tools to achieve our goals.

Zarattar brochure

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