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The necessity of standardization of medicinal plants and their products

The increasing popularity of medicinal plants in the world and researches based on reliable evidence have caused international and national institutions to formulate laws for the modernization and standardization of plants. The use of these rules results in the effectiveness of medicinal plants and their products in different medicinal and food forms. It should be noted that the therapeutic effect of medicinal plant products depends on the appropriate concentration of the active ingredient in it, which also depends on various factors during the preparation process of the product. Safety, efficiency, effectiveness, stability of herbal product are the results that can be achieved only in the conditions of standardization.

Standardization is the combination of scientific attitude, technological nobility and professional commitment, which is measured by various parameters such as morphological, microscopic, physical, chemical, etc. indicators. The correct selection of raw materials plays an important role in guaranteeing the quality and stability of their effect. The time and place of collection, the ecotype and genotype of the species, the method of collection and drying, the conditions of storage and preservation, and finally the method of extracting and processing are factors affecting the quality of the product.

Choosing the right place for production, preventing the contamination of medicinal plants during collection, harvesting and storage, appropriate design of production processes and efforts to improve effective medicinal substances, monitoring methods of collection and processing of medicinal plants and documentation are among the activities that are carried out in the company. Zarattar is done for the purpose and standardization of medicinal plant products.

The steps of the standardization process of medicinal plant products

  • Scientific verification of the type of plant to be processed
  • Compliance with pharmacopoeia instructions
  • Choose the extraction method
  • Solvent selection according to the type of plant and processed product
  • Product standardization
  • Product standardization

Product quality assessment and standardization

The standardization index of herbal products is divided into two quantitative and qualitative groups:

  • quality indicators for essential oil; Refractive index and optical rotation
  • Quantitative index for extract; Determining the amount of effective substance by spectrophotometry, fluorescence, chromatography

*Standardization of medicinal plant products is done in order to repeat the effect and quality continuity*

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