One of the reasons why many of us use chemical drugs when we have a disease is that we think that chemical drugs are more effective than traditional drugs and can quickly deal with the pathogen!

We will not discuss whether this claim is right or wrong and we will not deny the benefits of using these products, but as you know, chemical drugs have side effects in addition to their benefits, but since the benefits of using them are more important and greater than their harm, We ignore them (something like the relationship between chemotherapy and cancer, albeit on a much smaller scale).

While some of these chemical drugs have a plant base or have many similarities with a medicinal plant in terms of formulation, we thought why these plants or their products should not be cultivated or designed and formulated in a traditional way but with a scientific approach, May these medicinal benefits be preserved in them!

Making herbal medicine is not a new and creative thing and even now they are found in many varieties and with different qualities; But what is remarkable about Zarattar‘s activities and we believe that it distinguishes us from other colleagues is that we do not produce medicine, but we make food and drinks that, in addition to maintaining their own nature – good taste and inducing a pleasant sensation – contain medicinal contents. and it is completely beneficial for the health of its consumers!

It should be noted that this mechanism is also implemented in the design and production of cosmetic products and medicinal plants play the main role in the processing of these products.

The necessity of standardization of medicinal plants and their products

The increasing popularity of medicinal plants in the world and researches based on valid evidence have caused international and national institutions to formulate laws for the modernization and standardization of plants. Using these rules results in the effectiveness of medicinal plants and their products in different medicinal and food forms. It should be noted that the therapeutic effect of medicinal plant products depends on the appropriate concentration of the active ingredient in it, and the amount of the same depends on various factors during the preparation process of the product. Safety, efficiency, effectiveness, stability of herbal product are the results that can be achieved only in the conditions of standardization.

Standardization is the combination of scientific attitude, technological nobility and professional commitment, which is measured by various parameters such as morphological, microscopic, physical, chemical, etc. indicators. The correct selection of raw materials plays an important role in guaranteeing the quality and stability of their effect. The time and place of collection, the ecotype and genotype of the species, the method of collection and drying, the conditions of storage and preservation and finally the method of extracting and processing are factors that affect the quality of the product.

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The standardization of medicinal plant products depends on several factors such as plant type, cultivation and processing conditions, storage conditions, optimal production methods, separation techniques, packaging type, etc., which will have an impact on the biological effectiveness and reproducibility of desired results.

In view of this matter, Zarattar company, relying on its knowledge, has taken steps to establish quality assurance structures, prepare technical instructions and use well-equipped reference laboratories. The standardization process chain has also been achieved by looking at national, international and pharmacopoeial standards.