The story of Zarattar

When we read about Newton and his three famous laws and the gravity of the earth, it is always mentioned that the scientist was sleeping under a tree, an apple fell from the tree and hit his head, and this question arises in his mind, What happened that this apple fell? Then he goes in search of the answer to this question and puts forward the principles that become the basis of classical physics!
If we carefully examine this article, we will face an important challenge; That throughout history, thousands of apples have fallen on the heads of thousands of people, and these people happily ate the fruit that came out of nowhere and did not add anything significant to the world’s science! So, it can be said that in this process, the apple was not the starting point, but was only a catalyst, and in this way, it started the dynamic and questioning mind of a scientist or researcher who had already thought about the topic in question!


And the story of Zarattar! We said that before that famous incident, Newton had a series of thoughts related to the force or gravity of the earth in his head, just as our minds were full of thoughts related to the production of medicinal plants and their products, such as drinks with healing properties, before starting this startup. Was! For example, with the support of years of study in the related field and practical work experience in the industry, we knew that until herbal products – even edibles and not only herbal medicines – are scientifically and fundamentally standardized or have consistency of quality, we cannot expect them to have defensible healing or effectiveness. to have a competition with the rest of their alternative examples (especially non-vegetable ones); So, like Newton, we were waiting for an opportunity for our own apple story until the promised day arrived!
At the end of January 2019, my presence in a meeting with people of the same concern, who follow traditional Iranian medicine and medicinal plants, was the verdict of Newton’s apple and the spark to the gunpowder store to launch “Zarattar”. After going through the events that may be out of your mind, due to the situation, we decided to launch a start-up that relies on modern science and modern management methods to produce products that are not repetitive despite their familiar taste. And at the same time, they show the healing properties of plants and despite being made by the latest machines and methods of the world, they do not induce the feeling of being unnatural to their consumers!


Maybe so far all my talks have been similar to people and groups who have been working in this field for years, but actions such as defining a documented ecosystem from the beginning of choosing a plant breed to plant in the field, optimizing each production step, updating the production process and innovation In the formulation of these products, the team of people who each have a lot to say in this field has made us believe in our own work and, by the grace of God, believe in an acceptable result!

After attracting capital, we started to produce products that in some cases did not have similar examples, by knowing people’s needs, their tastes, their level of concern and even a space in their shopping cart dedicated to the purchase of drinks and teas, our products are of consumer-friendly dimensions and qualities. We marketed; All this while our goal is to include medicinal plant products in products that are not seen as a drug, but as a daily drink with food and pharmaceutical standards!