Mission statement

mission statement

Zarattar Novin Farmed Iranian Company, relying on the technical knowledge of standardization of medicinal plants and their products, considers its mission to be an active and purposeful presence in the production, processing, supply and promotion of the correct culture of consumption of these products in domestic and foreign markets.

Vision statement

The vision of Zarattar Novin Pharmed Iranian is to become a specialized holding company in the field of medicinal plants and to create a sustainable value chain in this industry.


By putting the two principles of specialization and meritocracy at the forefront, Zarattar Novin Farmed Iranian Company has considered its organizational values ​​in order to achieve the goals and vision determined based on the following axes:

  • Quality Orientation: Quality is the most important principle of Zarattar company’s activity and by implementing the strictest control processes, it is trying to provide a quality product to its customers.
  • Customer orientation: customers are the biggest capital of any organization, we at Zarattar are trying to identify the needs and tastes of customers and offer innovative and quality products to the market.
  • Meritism: The approach of Zareatar Group to achieve its organizational goals has always been to attract specialized and committed personnel.
  • Learning organization: Zarattar is a learning organization and by using the technical knowledge of its forces, it is always trying to launch innovative and new products through research and development and gaining experience.